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MoS banner by InKibus  
From the minds and hands of :iconinkibus: and :iconfrocktarts:
I am costantly updating, cleaning, adding links and erasing typos, hiding URLS,
and clarify info as I can.

:spotlight-left:  The following is more or a less a pictoral tutorial on how to construct a
Mouth of Sauron costume reproduction.   
The Mouth of Sauron-headshot by InKibus Mouth with Mithril coat by InKibusFor the Howers by InKibusThe Mouth of Sauron by FrockTartsHe'd take it to Master...... by InKibus
I won't waste much time lecturing on the needed skills and time needed.
:worker:  I am a semi-professional woodworker, craftsman, artisan, so on so forth.
So much of this is was easy for me to do, especially with my talents and a shop
with almost all the materials already purchased.
How long will this take?
I only worked on my spare evenings, and the grunt- work took me a year. It will
go faster for anyone else, you have tutorials. ;)
How much will this cost?
As I said, almost all the materials I had purchased, the materials for the
clothes my sister and I had been selecting at random for about 2 years.
I can't answer that honestly, if you are starting from scratch, you might end
up spending several hundred dollars on fabrics, resins, wood, etc.
Be resourceful! Butcher clothes hangers, find stuff at thrift stores. Take your
time. ;) Don't be assailed. ;)
Alright, move it you slugs!
:star: The Helmet  
The following 7 thumbnails link to the helmet construction. There is some text
on each page, but PLEASE read the description accompanying each, right below
Mouth of Sauron tutorial 1 by InKibus Mouth of Sauron helmet 2 by InKibus Mouth of Sauron tutorial 3 by InKibus
Mouth of Sauron tutorial 4 by InKibus Mouth of Sauron tutorial 5 by InKibus Mouth of Sauron tutorial 6 by InKibus Mouth of Sauron helmet drapes by InKibus
~ More helpful pictures with descriptions about the helmet;
Mouth of Suaron helmet making3 by InKibusMouth of Sauron helmet making2 by InKibusMouth Of Sauron helmet making1 by InKibus
Mouth of Sauron Helmet WIP by InKibusKrylon Lammen Gorthaur by InKibusThe lofty bondo helm by InKibus
:star: The Gauntlets and accesories--

How to make MoS Gauntlets by InKibus Mouth of Sauron accessories by InKibus

:star: The Pendant was custom made by a dear friend :love: , and she has a
thorough tutorial here-…
She took my redimentary ideas, came up with a very appropriate intircate design.
Check it out! :boogie:

:star:Under frock, capelette, layered collar, and over-apron---

Mouth of Sauron garb 1 by InKibusMouth of Sauron garb 2 by InKibusMoS costume by InKibusMouth of Sauron underfock by InKibus
Image of costume on dummy is WITh over-apron, the other one with me wearing the costume iswithout the over-apron.
:star:The Morgul Blade~   
How to make a Morgul blade by InKibus Morgul Blade- Sword 1 by InKibus Morgul Blades by InKibus mouth of sauron-full body shot by InKibus
InKi take a bow by InKibus InKibus by InKibus
There are so many better sources forinexpensive and really nice FX makeups.
I bought my fake teeth from a place called Dental Distortions, which appears
not be around anymore. Fake chompers are eareer to get than ever, and don't
just search under fangs for vampires and wearwolves.
Mine were called scraecrow shredders, check out all different kinds!
(Though honestly I got a better response when I wasn't wearing the teeth.
:shrug: :nerd:  )
Face makeup is just for your neck and chin, work on some nice dead tones of whites
and greys. (If you watch the movie on slo-mo enough, you can clearly see where the make-up line ends below the collar. ;)  )
Watch out that it won't rub on all your clothes.
And don't just get cheap kiddie white-face makeup, just go to the makeup
department, get the palest ladies foundations for a base. Tone the other parts unremarkable dead greys.
The splits can be achieved with various lipsticks, and there are lipsticks that
won't come off with a jack-hammer and are very versatile. Actual lip color in
an array of dead and colorless greys to almost black.
  Good Luck!
My version is not the only way! If you see ways to improve, do so.
Heck, I can't see out of my helmet, you can do better.
What are you waiting for? Give it a try.
If you'd like to ask questions, comments, share ideas, so forth,
just pop me an email at
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Resources and links~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
:teevee:  For the best observations on the costumes, rewatch the whole scene with the
MoS on slow-mo, watch how the fabric moves or helmet rests. Sounds nutty?
Do it, you might learn something.
The very best, go to the galleriers in the appendix/documentary DVD's.
The costume gallery is the very best, and you get to see some gallery shots of
it. (Though the person wearing the costume is obviously not the actor and a bit
smaller, so some things don't drape the same.
And be sure to watch the 'WETA WORKSHOP' documentary, it has a segment that talks very much about the costume and character.
Plus, you get some untouched (but grainy) outside shots of the costume in daylight, as
well as the costume with the helmet and head drapes off.

And if you happen to have the Weta Bust/head reproduction, do some research
there, it's pretty accurate.
(Hope you don't mind me using you stamp, :iconsythgara: ! )
:star: Other Mouths
:wave: Have made a Mouth of Sauron costume?    Send me a link via my email,  and I would love to link it here, even if you
don't use my tutorial!
It's such a rare costume, I'd love to meet others who are
demented enough to attempt it. :psychotic:
<…">2DIE4'S MoS Costume</a>
:thumbsup:  He did his before I did mine! Check him out.
                       _________                       :library:  _______
The following links are get resources for everything else-   
If you have relevant ones, note me or mail me at my adress. Combing through my files, it's evident many sites no longer exist that I had before. :(
:iconfrocktarts:My wonderful sister who ran the sewing machine and did most of the frocking . :love:
:community:  The fabulous folks at the LOTR Yahoo costuming page-…
:cuddle:Belluthien's MoS Pendant page…… The helmet runes, more specifically
here-… for thee 114 helemt runes.
:slow:  And while you are at it, brush up on your black speech-…
:gallery:   Great source of hi-rez screen caps-…
:#1:THe Best Morgul-dedicated site around, The Land of Shadow, has an irrresitable MoS page-…
Check out the rest of the graphics and audio blazing site for artwork and all sorts of Evil trivia!
:aww:  Where would we be without Wikipedia?-…
:wow:  War of the Ring photo forum, great screen cap site, just search for a key
:worship: The holy Alleycat Costuming site, no MoS costume there (yet), but if you are
thinking of pursuing costuming, there is so much info (LOTR and other films),
check them out!-
:bow:  The one Ring net scrapbook, mostly the action figure-…
:nerd: Bruce Spence Yahoo group-…
Sorry, you have to join to get in, which is a pity, I (and my chums) have
uploaded many Mouth of Sauron screencaps to the photo section. Not to mention some of the make-up application shots.
:star:Here is a quick link to my DD selected picture of this costume with my FAQ-…
Yes, I have gotten asked so many questions, I have a FAQ.
There are too many people to thank for all of this...
:community:  :community: :thanks: :bow: :worship: :community:  :community:  
My sis :iconfrocktarts: and my mum for their work, my dad for his technical help,
Belluthien for hers, The LOTR yahoo costuming group, Jules and SithHaldir and :iconpilar-sama: for some priceless screengrabs, The fabulous Howers who know who's the bunny , Bondo for being such an amazing substance, Warren Mahy, Richard Taylor, and the resourceful Weta people who made the movie character so unique and costumable, Mr. Spence for doing such a fabulous job for so little screen time , the marvelous Deviants I have met durning and after this project, and :iconmyana: for
selecting my work as a Dailey Deviation.:deviation:
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BurittoMan Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
WOW, this helmet might be really heavy...
Can you see something when you put it on?
InKibus Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Professional General Artist
Helmet is about as heavy as it look. :D
No, I cannot see out of it, sadly. I made another (for a non-living model) that was blind as well. I have gotten a lighter material I am working with and plan
on making another helmet with subtle slits to see. I'd love to wear this helmet out and about! :D
BurittoMan Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Well, if you have any suggestions i will be happy to hear - I'm making a mouth of sauron cosplay too. (sorry if my english is bed. i'm good with reading but not with spellings and writing stuff)
BurittoMan Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Jabborwocky Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2010
Amazing amazing! This is really inspiring and impressive - the sheer hours...
InKibus Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2010  Professional General Artist
Thank you thank you! :bow: Yes, it took a long time. I have just re-done the helmet (much better), and had to super-crunch time and got most of the physical work done in 3 months.
So really if you have questions, I am more than happy to share what I learned doing this and want others to try it as well. It's such a dedicated project, sometimes you do feel like you are going nowhere. But the results are worth it. :nod:
Pretty-Angel Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
All these tutorials are really really interesting to see how you build up your costume. I envy your for your skills, creativity and patience. Kudos!
InKibus Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2008  Professional General Artist
Thank you dear! :hug: Since it's something I love doing, and I wanted to do it, the time and patience were natural. :nod:
primulatook Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
you are an amazingly creative person...and your family, too...
i am in awe
InKibus Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2008  Professional General Artist
Many Many thanks! :hug:
skiesofchaos Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2008  Professional Photographer
Very very nifty... points at my own journal.. :D
InKibus Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2008  Professional General Artist
Thank you! :bow: I can't thank you enough for the journal feature too! :glomp: I actually look right at home with all those other featured talented lovely ladies. :D
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